Uniswap v3 had launched on May 5, with L2 deployment on Optimism launched last week. Uniswap V3 has more feature that are helping out liquidity provider in earning their fees by introducing concentrated liquidity, multiple fees tier which making their liquidity more concentrated and maximize the capital efficiency.

However the problem is there is so many pool with different fees tier and so many activities occurred and makes small and medium liquidity provider hesitate to provide liquidity as there is risk of impermanent loss.

Here we together with Flipside Crypto had create some awesome tools and dashboard in helping out…

From my part 1 of matic( polygon) report, I had mentioned about the staking ratio and amount of matic token on centralized exchange. In today report, we will dive in deeper to see the users of matic and the assets being bridged to matic network.

Firstly, let’s us reviewed the price of matic. At the time of writing this, matic current price is now $1.70 compared to the time i write is about $0.80.( around 110% gains). Matic(polygon) market cap is now in the top 20. Can we still see potential upside for matic? Let’s see…

Number of address holding eth vs matic

At the current time…

Highly volatility assets could cause loans to be unexpected liquidated. We will be looking deep into the assets and determine which one is the most likely to liquidated and the least.


Daily volatility of comp assets for past 30 days

We extract and compiled the volatility of comp assets. The assets that is most likely to liquidate is WBTC(red) follow by ETH(blue). On the other hand, the assets that is least likely to liquidate is no other than stablecoin. In the chart together with WBTC, we could not even see the fluctuation of stablecoin. How do we confirm this?


When one deposit or borrow token from compound finance, interest-bearing ctoken will be minted. What ctoken are there in the market? Where are they being used?

Ctoken in compound

Table above shown the ctoken in compound finance with the underlying asset. When one deposit eth, ceth will be generated.


Matic known as polygon exist as a sidechain in helping ethereum to scale. Matic Network is a Layer 2 scaling solution that achieves scale by utilizing sidechains for off-chain computation while ensuring asset security using the Plasma framework and a decentralized network of Proof-of-Stake (PoS) validators.

Matic had gone up 3x since march 2021. Some catalyst including listing on coinbase pro, aavegotchi and aave launch on matic network. Do we still see potential to 3x from current price (0.80cent) ?

First let’s go through their tokenomics. We will be comparing between the total circulating supply versus in staking ratio.

Circulating supply vs staking ratio


What is the frequency and volume of liquidations per day on Compound?


Liquidation frequency by collateral

Chart above shown the liquidation frequency on compound. The top is on 26 november where liquidation frequency hit 48 per day. Mostly is being USDC, USDT, DAI being liquidated.


Who is the top borrowers on compound and what did they do with their loans?


Top 20 borrowing from compound

We extract the top 20 borrower together with their loans. Top borrowers mostly borrow DAI and USDC as their loans. This is because DAI and USDC is both the stablecoin and easy to be trade on other market and price is less volatile.

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