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First things first, a DEX is a decentralized exchange which allow users to easily interact and trade between crypto assets and provide liquidity to earn fees. Everybody knew the famous Uniswap which is the first DEX ever and later on many others swap got fork from uniswap. In conjunction with Terraswap, it is the largest and most active DEX on terra blockchain. This article will briefly compare both AMM DEX stats and look into their future. We are using Flipside Crypto data to compile this report.

Total Value Locked (TVL) Uniswap vs Terraswap

TVL for uniswap vs terraswap past 90 days

To ease our visualization we only compute TVL for uniswap v3 and terraswap…

Sushiswap is the fork of uniswap but had implement multiple chain such as fantom, polygon, bsc, harmony and coming soon is avax. Since when sushiswap is launch on polygon the TVL surge up fast and reach 1billion solely on polygon chain. However the market crash on May had caused some panic in market and affect the liquidity on most DEXes. In this article we will comparing the stats of sushiswap on both chain and do some analysis. Data by Flipside Crypto

Tvl of sushiswap

To start off we will look into the TVL on sushiswap vs the TVL solely on polygon. The liquidity…

Since last time I published the polygon (matic) article 4 months ago, a lot had changed to the network. New scaling solution pop up such as arbitrum, optimisms and others. Since then polygon had partner over hermez network to further implement the scaling solution by polygon. Until now polygon had only plasma chain which is the most popular bridge over method from etheruem and coming up next it will implement zk roll up and others scaling solution. Nevertheless this article will simply compare and take a look into polygon network activities compared to ethereum activities to observe whether there is…

Creating your first ever nft is easier said than done. However with the platform like opensea, rarible and others, we can easily create it and list it for sale. In this guide I will walk you through step by step in creating your first ever nft on polygon.

1. Before everything start, you will need to have metamask wallet installed and matic network configured in your wallet. If not go to and choose polygon to configure it automatically

2. Go to and connect you metamask wallet

3. Click on the create button on the tab

4. Now you…

Terra’s ecosystem, alongside its native token $LUNA, is currently gaining tremendous traction. Currently, the price has passed the $30 mark and is now sitting at number 12 rank by market capitalization. So, it is very clear that Terra has the potential to become a mainstream Layer 1 blockchain with a plethora of use cases.

Terra is the only blockchain that directly accrues value as capital enters the ecosystem. Some opinions also say that Terra can be bear-proof. This is because $1 of $LUNA is burned every time $1 of $UST is minted. Therefore, $LUNA’s total addressable market for USD alone…

Uniswap v3 had launched on May 5, with L2 deployment on Optimism launched last week. Uniswap V3 has more feature that are helping out liquidity provider in earning their fees by introducing concentrated liquidity, multiple fees tier which making their liquidity more concentrated and maximize the capital efficiency.

However the problem is there is so many pool with different fees tier and so many activities occurred and makes small and medium liquidity provider hesitate to provide liquidity as there is risk of impermanent loss.

Here we together with Flipside Crypto had create some awesome tools and dashboard in helping out…

From my part 1 of matic( polygon) report, I had mentioned about the staking ratio and amount of matic token on centralized exchange. In today report, we will dive in deeper to see the users of matic and the assets being bridged to matic network.

Firstly, let’s us reviewed the price of matic. At the time of writing this, matic current price is now $1.70 compared to the time i write is about $0.80.( around 110% gains). Matic(polygon) market cap is now in the top 20. Can we still see potential upside for matic? Let’s see…

Number of address holding eth vs matic

At the current time…

Highly volatility assets could cause loans to be unexpected liquidated. We will be looking deep into the assets and determine which one is the most likely to liquidated and the least.

Daily volatility of comp assets for past 30 days

We extract and compiled the volatility of comp assets. The assets that is most likely to liquidate is WBTC(red) follow by ETH(blue). On the other hand, the assets that is least likely to liquidate is no other than stablecoin. In the chart together with WBTC, we could not even see the fluctuation of stablecoin. How do we confirm this?

A stock investor that step into crypto space and deeply into crypto now

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