Are there different categories of Alchemix users? If so, what are their characteristics

All DEXes and CEXes and number of interact with ( By all alcx users)

We are including all the users on Alchemix (minter and farmer) in this analysis. From the chart above we can see the top number of transaction is from ftx exchange. This is due to the listing of alcx on ftx exchange and ease users to withdraw and trade it. Here we only discuss about CEXes. Next is binance and followed by coinbase. The list as follow

Top 8 CEXes interacted by alcx users

  1. Ftx
  2. Binance
  3. Coinbase
  4. Bitmax
  6. poloniex
  7. Kucoin

Number of ethereum changes monthly (By top 12 alcx users including minter and farmer)

Chart above showing monthly changes of ethereum by top 12 alcx users. On oct 2020 and feb 2021, there is huge number of eth being add on to user wallet. This is the time when defi summer starts. The largest sell of eth is on april 2021.

Monthly balance of eth in wallet (top 12 alcx users)

Chart above showing overall trend of ethereum balance on their wallet. Starting feb 2021, there is huge number of eth being collected. This is all caused by the high demand in ethereum defi ecosystem. High gas fees on ethereum causes more eth being used to pay gas fees on every transactions.

By ah kek :

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