Are yield farmers different in any way?

Today we will be comparing both alcx farmer and alusd minter and see the behavior and core metrics.

Total number of alc farmer and alusd minter

Chart above had shown us the result. Most of the users are on alchemix for farming purposes rather than using their product. The alusd minter is less compared to all the alcx and alcx-eth slp farmers.

Total number of farmer and minter

Total number of transaction of top 5 farmer and minter

We only extract the top 5 from farmer and minter because its proportion to more than half of the amount of farmer and minter. From chart we able to see alusd minter has more number of transaction compared with farmer. This means top 5 farmer had less activities and mostly waiting for yield. While alusd minter had more activities to utilize the amount of alusd minted. (Either trade or join in another farming pool)

Addresses of farmer and minter

One interesting in the table between farmer and minter is the addresses. All top 5 addresses are unique and different. This means farmer never mint and minter never farm. The farmer in ALCX is solely using it for farming purpose and ALUSD minter is solely using its product.

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