Comparison between sushiswap (ethereum) vs sushiswap (polygon)

Tvl of sushiswap
daily transaction by common sushiswap users
average fees paid on sushiswap (eth vs polygon)

What differentiate between sushiswap (polygon) and sushiswap (ethereum)?

We had discussed the fees difference sand the users differences. What are the major factor separating these two? To examine this we need to look into the top pool most favorite by common users on both network.

top 10 most favorite pool starting from july


Sushiswap on polygon is more for retailers as more users are swapping for the current post-hack coins like IRON and TITAN. Sushiswap on ethereum is more for whales in swapping and trading between big coins like ETH — stablecoins. In final thoughts, sushiswap on polygon had developed into the platform for retailers in speculate certain 100x coins due to its low transactions fees while sushiswap on ethereum is well established and safe to trade due to its large liquidity.



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