Creating an NFT on Polygon

Ah Kek
3 min readAug 22, 2021

Creating your first ever nft is easier said than done. However with the platform like opensea, rarible and others, we can easily create it and list it for sale. In this guide I will walk you through step by step in creating your first ever nft on polygon.

1. Before everything start, you will need to have metamask wallet installed and matic network configured in your wallet. If not go to and choose polygon to configure it automatically

2. Go to and connect you metamask wallet

3. Click on the create button on the tab

4. Now you can upload the item you wish to create as nft. For my case I wil upload a gif

5. Give your nft a name

6. You may fill in the external link if you have a website or any link associate with you nft. Otherwise, you may leave it empty

7. Fill in the description of you nft

8. If you want to store your nft in certain collection you will need to create the collection first by going to your profile and choose collection

9. Fill in all the nft details like properties, levels, stats

10. You may include unlockable content for your buyer. They can redeem it when they purchased it.

11. Now the quantities of your nft can only be one and opensea will update the feature soon.

12. Choose polygon for the blockchain to create your nft on polygon

13. Metadata you can freeze it after you create.

14. After filled up all details, press create and you are done in creating your first ever NFT!

List you nft for sale

  1. Go to your created nft and click sell

2. You can give your nft whatever price you want

3. The total earning will be the eth you get after deduct the opensea fees

4. If you filled up then click complete listing and sign and now your NFT are on SALE!

Creating your first ever nft had never come so easy with the help of opensea. Now you had walkthough my tutorial and time for you to create your collection for your own NFT!

I’m actually created my first NFT on polygon and it is redeemable nft with full report and analysis on Terra Validator.(Dashboard by Flipside Crypto)



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