Liquidation Frequency and Volume

What is the frequency and volume of liquidations per day on Compound?

Liquidation frequency by collateral

Chart above shown the liquidation frequency on compound. The top is on 26 november where liquidation frequency hit 48 per day. Mostly is being USDC, USDT, DAI being liquidated.

Liquidation volume by day
Price chart of btc

When we look into the liquidation volume of compound, we notice the largest liquidation volume is on 26 nov 2020 and 23 feb 2021. The volume of liquidation had gone up to 80million solely on compound. This we compared the chart of btc. On both day, btc correct more than 10% a day and this cause cascade liquidation over compound. However, one things to noticed here is that the liquidation after 23 feb 2021. Even btc had gone through 2 time of correction of more than 5%, the liquidation volume on compound is very less. This shown that the users on comp is using less leverage now.

Liquidation by symbol (group by borrower)

Lastly we will take a look into chart of liquidation by symbol. From DAI, USDC and WBTC, we notice more than half of the liquidation is contributed by one single user each on the loans.


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