On COMP, What collateral assets are the most liquidated and the least

Highly volatility assets could cause loans to be unexpected liquidated. We will be looking deep into the assets and determine which one is the most likely to liquidated and the least.


Daily volatility of comp assets for past 30 days

We extract and compiled the volatility of comp assets. The assets that is most likely to liquidate is WBTC(red) follow by ETH(blue). On the other hand, the assets that is least likely to liquidate is no other than stablecoin. In the chart together with WBTC, we could not even see the fluctuation of stablecoin. How do we confirm this?


Loan amount based on assets for past 30 days

From the loan amount of assets for past 30 days, we can see that only stablecoin is the most being borrowed (USDC-blue, DAI-orange, USDT-green).

Due to the highly volatile of WBTC, very less people are borrowing WBTC to prevent being liquidated.

Source: https://app.flipsidecrypto.com/dashboard/what-collateral-assets-are-the-most-liquidated-the-least-on-comp-Uyhg6K

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