Research & Analysis on Terra Validators and Delegation of $LUNA

UST supply changes
Concentration of staked LUNA
Gini index on terra
Top 10 validators
Days since live for top 10 validators
Top delegators
Top 5 delegators
Delegation movement by retailers vs small whale vs whale
Undelegation movement by retailers vs small whale vs whale
Top 20 favorite validators by retailers
Top 20 favorite validators by whales
  1. The present validator uptime is poor, resulting in a slashing in your stake. Both validators and delegators will be penalized if validator did not keep 100% uptime which will lead you to lose small percentage from your staking return.
  2. Validator having too much voting power which will make the reduce the decentralization factor in the protocol.
  3. For airdrops! Many validators offer ludicrous airdrop so if you are bullish on validator’s protocol, you may get some of their native token when you delegate to them.
  4. Distribution of airdrops. Too many LUNA staked may lead to less airdrops because it has to be distributed to all stakers.
  5. Commission rates of validators increase too much. No one like when their staking return decreases so we move to other validator which give higher return. However, you have to be careful because most of the new validators offer 0% commission to attract new stakers but they may increase exponentially in short time.
Redelegation by month
Top redelegated to validators
Total cumulative reward by top 10 validators in LUNA

A stock investor that step into crypto space and deeply into crypto now

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Ah Kek

Ah Kek

A stock investor that step into crypto space and deeply into crypto now

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