Today we will be comparing Alchemix and it’s fork Wasabix to see what is the farming volume and the relationship between them.

Daily tvl farming comparison ALCX vs WASABI

From the chart query by flipside crypto, we able to see an increasing farming volume in all the pool in ALCX with ALCX-ETH SLP leading. We also able to see the farming from Wasabi pools. However, the TVL and volume is negligible compared to ALCX as there is too little farmer on Wasabi. (Blue one is pools from Wasabi

TVL from all pools from ALCX & WASABI

Here we can see the overall TVL on all 8 pools from ALCX and WASABI. The highest one is alusd3crv and followed by ALCX-ETH SLP pool. While Wasabi has the largest pool in wausd3crv followed by Wasabi-ETH SLP pool. The farming pools on Wasabi is very less compared to ALCX farming pool.

Number of farmer in ALCX & WASABIX

From the chart above we can see the largest number of farmer is in ALCX-ETH SLP pool followed by ALCX pool. For Wasabi, the largest farmer is on Wasabi-ETH SLP which has only 158 farmers compared with ALCX-ETH pool of 667 farmers. In other pools, the users on Wasabi is very less to even compete with ALCX users. This explained the low TVL on Wasabi.

In final words

Although Wasabi is a fork from Alchemix but the users and volume were too little and not able to compete in the market. All the users preference is over ALCX. Nevertheless, Wasabi is trying to implement more feature to make Wasabi their own unique product. They had included several vault and even with waBTC pool which ALCX does not have. Wasabi also has lesser fix supply compared with ALCX. This may be a factor to drive Wasabi price to go up.

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A stock investor that step into crypto space and deeply into crypto now

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Ah Kek

A stock investor that step into crypto space and deeply into crypto now