Where are cTokens used in the ecosystem (compound finance)

Ah Kek
2 min readMay 10, 2021


When one deposit or borrow token from compound finance, interest-bearing ctoken will be minted. What ctoken are there in the market? Where are they being used?

Ctoken in compound

Table above shown the ctoken in compound finance with the underlying asset. When one deposit eth, ceth will be generated.


Compound ctoken deposit to

The top two defi where ctoken deposit to is curve.fi and idle finance. We can see that cDai and cUsdc is the most ctoken deposit to curve. By depositing these two tokens, depositer can farming on curve and even earnings some swapping fees.


Ctoken transaction to label

Above we further analyze what transaction in each of the defi where ctoken deposited to. In curve, most of the transaction is add_liquidity which is to earn swapping fees on curve.

Source: https://app.flipsidecrypto.com/dashboard/where-are-c-tokens-used-in-the-ecosystem-tRM73V



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